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It is inevitable for technology companies to enter the market to build cars

  The matter of building a car has changed. Since 2014, building a car has become the most desirable thing for entrepreneurs.  Not only are successful entrepreneurs working hard to start their second and third ventures, but countless "grassroots" teams have also begun to move around, as if the threshold of building a car was suddenly pulled to non-existent. But facts have proved that there are indeed barriers to building cars, and it limits most players.  Li Bin, the founder and chairman of Weilai  Automobile  , once said that an electric car company needs at least 20 billion yuan to reach mass production. Xiaopeng Motors Chairman He Xiaopeng also sighed: "It used to be an exaggeration to see others making cars. I jumped in and realized that 20 billion is not enough to spend.” In the end, the new car-building forces ran out of three first-tier players, but at the same time it also made people realize how difficult it is for a new company to build cars. People's attit