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How to treat the upsurge of smart electric vehicles?

  Many crazes are ultimately left to the market, which can be said to be a feather. Will the smart electric car craze be the same here? Text: Neighbor Chapter As the most imaginative consumer technology product after smart phones, smart electric cars are becoming a pig that takes the lead. As we can see, in just one quarter,  Baidu  , Xiaomi,  Huawei  , DJI,  Stone Technology  , Skyworth, Didi and other manufacturers have entered the smart car market in various identities, and it is foreseeable that in the future or More vendors are joining. Here, if you add the traditional automakers that are transforming and the new automakers, it can almost be said that the crowdedness of the electric smart car market is unprecedented. How to treat the car manufacturing fever? Here, the question ensues: whether the current boom in the market is a false boom, and whether it is a recurrence of the past Internet booms. Indeed, in the past few years, we have experienced too much of this kind of craze—sm