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Why is Quibi holding $1.75 billion doomed to fail fast?

  A product, a collection of astronomical amount of financing, enjoy the  reputation of the industry  sector of the founding team, first-class products and content production team and so on various  Dolly  good factor, its fate will be? Quibi, a streaming short video platform, gave an atypical answer to this question, which is "quick death." In April of this year, Quibi was officially launched in the much-anticipated manner, and raised nearly US$1.75 billion before it went online.  But Quibi, who was born with a golden spoon, failed to achieve the goal of rapid growth. After only 6 months of survival, it officially announced the shutdown of the service on October 21, selling technology and produced content. Quibi's sudden death shocked the European and American content media circles, and there were many reports in China.  But in fact, its failure is not without trace.  This issue of Quanmeipai (ID: quanmeipai) counts the 6-month history of Quibi from its birth to its demi

Valuation hurricane, ant's technological anchor

  What makes Buffett's chattering regretful the most is missing Amazon and Google.  As early as twenty years ago, he knew and admired Bezos, but he did not expect Bezos to turn the bookstore into Amazon. Bezos wanted to understand one thing, and Buffett didn't understand it until late.  That is: Amazon's value lies in providing infrastructure services similar to hydropower. There is nothing new in investment, and the greater the understanding, the greater the probability of wealth creation. There are a thousand ants in a thousand people's hearts. In the eyes of some people, Ant is an unlicensed bank, which represents the end of an era.  In the eyes of another group of people, ants are the infrastructure of the digital finance era of one billion people, and the starting point of an era. 2.1 trillion valuation, is this the end of ants or the starting point? The misunderstood trillion tech giant Unlike Buffett, more people distinguish between unclear technology and traditi