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The prelude to the big change: Why are fuel vehicles going to collapse, and why are electric vehicles growing?

  The track of fuel vehicles is a typical involution industry.  The Chinese auto industry has been criticized.  In 2009, the Chinese auto market surpassed the United States and Japan for the first time with a production and sales volume of nearly 14 million vehicles, ranking first in the world.  Doo turn  the star moves  , a decade later, China's auto market has reached annual sales of 30 million this magnitude, but the actual situation so that we are still awkward. The bustle is a joint venture brand, but Chinese independent brands still have nothing. The above picture is August 2020, which is the top ten best-selling models on the market two months ago.  In terms of traditional fuel vehicles, independent brands are basically a supporting role.  Among the main passenger cars, there is only one Geely Emgrand in the top 10, and the others are joint venture brands. The SUV is slightly better, and the Haval H6 is firmly in the first place. However, among the top 10 best-selling SUVs,