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Tesla cannot enter the Indian market in the short term. Why?

  Editor's note: In recent years, the Indian government has implemented extreme trade protectionism policies, hovering on the edge of "closed-off", but the world is currently exploring new supply chains, establishing new connections, and building trade that can last for decades infrastructure.  If India misses the opportunity to attract infrastructure, it may miss growth opportunities in the next few years.  This article is compiled from, and the original title is You Won't See Teslas in India Anytime Soon. The author Anjani Trivedi started with  Tesla  Motors and briefly analyzed the consequences and future trends of India’s trade protectionism. Helpful. Protectionism will restrict foreign automakers and hinder any attempts to introduce Chinese-style electric vehicles. India hopes to catch up with the trend of electric vehicles and is introducing Chinese-style policies to practice its green concept.  But there is a problem: its long-standing pro