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NIO hits back at Tesla: You show the price, I show the "muscle"

  "2020 is a year of rebirth for NIO." On January 9, Li Bin, who led Weilai to cross the line of life and death and bottomed out, appeared on the stage of 2020 NIO Day. Compared with the NIO day held in Shenzhen a year ago, Li Bin's state looks a lot easier.  At that time, NIO was in trouble, but now NIO is heading for glory. Li Bin’s speech is the most eye-catching part of NIO Day every year. In this part, he will release NIO’s new products and some new plans, which is a window for the outside world to get a closer look at NIO’s development. On NIO Day in 2020, the second-generation power station, 150-degree battery pack, and the first pure electric car ET7 will appear in succession. At the time of Tesla's price war and crazy sinking, NIO showed off its muscles, super computing power, super battery life, etc. are the highlights of this NIO day.  Wei Lai, who insists on not cutting prices and taking the high-end route, is hitting Tesla back on the curve? 1 More chargi

Is the "new force" of car building an opponent of Tesla?

  New energy electric vehicle manufacturers became a big hit in the secondary market in November. In the United States,  news of  Biden’s  victory came, and the Dow Jones Industrials Index hit 30,000 points, the first time in history.  In particular, the investors of electric car manufacturers are excited because he proposed several policies aimed at accelerating the transition to electric cars during his campaign, including providing operating funds for 500,000 charging piles and taxation to buyers Credits and funding for research and development. From this, Tesla has made the most profit.  Since December, since the S&P 500 Index Committee decided to include Tesla in the closely watched index, stock prices have surged and currency volumes have increased significantly. On the western coast of the Pacific, the State Council announced in early November that the sales of electric, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen vehicles in China would increase from 5% to about 20% by 2025.  The blueprint

New energy vehicle stalls? Xiaopeng Motors suffered a huge shock during the intraday session and fell more than 12% at one time

  Announced cooperation with Douyin, Yunji soared 90%, and then rose 50% after the market; Alibaba US stocks rose nearly 4%, nearly 10% in the past 4 days; became the number one short target, Lufax plunged 7%, from The high point retreated nearly 30%. The Dow rose more than 400 points, and both S&P and S&P reached new highs. Energy and financial stocks led the gains. The S&P energy sector rose more than 5%; the Nasdaq approached a record high.  Most popular Chinese concept stocks closed up, with 23 rising and 18 falling. The specific performance is as follows: In terms of large Chinese concept stocks, NIO fell 3.38%, Xiaopeng Motors fell 2.13%,  Ideal Auto  rose 0.73%,  Alibaba  rose 3.65%, Pinduoduo rose 2.05%, JD rose 2.58%,  Baidu  rose 0.99%, and NetEase rose 2.88 %. In terms of other Chinese concept stocks, Blue City Brothers rose 23%, Qutoutiao rose 14%,  GSX  rose 1.85%,  Vipshop  rose 4.03%, and  NetEase Youdao  rose 4.30%. Focus review Xiaopeng Motors suffered a hu