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TikTok's parent company Bytedance plans to launch Douyin for listing in Hong Kong alone, and has communicated with investment banks on underwriting matters

   ByteDance is considering promoting the independent listing of Douyin business in Hong Kong.  People familiar with the matter said that Goldman Sachs and many other investment banks have communicated with ByteDance about underwriting matters.  Verified this by ByteDance, and the  relevant person in charge of ByteDance responded that he is considering some business listing plans, but has not yet finalized it. As early as July this year, it was reported that ByteDance was considering listing its domestic business in Hong Kong or Shanghai.  Reuters quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that if the Chinese business were listed separately, the valuation would exceed US$100 billion.  However, according to 36Kr, the Chinese business of ByteDance will be split again, and the Chinese business of Douyin will be listed separately. Douyin’s biggest rival,  Kuaishou  , will also be listed in Hong Kong in the first quarter of 2021. According to Tencent’s first-line news, Bank of America

ByteDance explores the possibility of Douyin listing in Hong Kong

TikTok's parent company Bytedance Inc. is conducting preliminary discussions on the listing of its Chinese short video app Douyin in Hong Kong. According to Reuters, representatives of Bytedance recently met with several investment banks to discuss the possibility of Douyin's listing. At the same time, research and analysis on Douyin's separate initial public offering (IPO) are also underway. ...

To make mental health exercise a daily routine, MindLabs received $1.82 million in financing

  Ideally, mental health exercise should be treated as a daily exercise program like fitness.  But even for fitness, maintaining daily exercise is difficult.  MindLabs is trying to turn this extravagant hope into reality. Today,  MindLabs  announced that it has received US$1.82 million in financing, led by Passion Capital, SeedCamp and several British consumer technology startups founders Alex Chesterman (Cazoo and Zoopla), Neil Hutchinson (Forward Internet Group), Steve Pankhurst (FriendsReunited), James Hind (Carwow) and Jack Tang (Urban) followed suit. The epidemic has spawned new fields of use MindLabs was founded by Adnan Ebrahim and Gabor Szedlak at the beginning of this year.  The outbreak of the epidemic has brought challenges to people's mental health. In foreign countries, the downloads of meditation and mindfulness apps, such as Calm, Headspace and Relax (Master Your Destiny), are increasing.  This cuts to a new scene: people try to use various methods at home to relieve

McAfee 30 years of ups and downs: Behind the listing of the originator of anti-virus software, is the golden age of the industry gone forever?

  Antivirus software company McAfee was listed on the Nasdaq on October 22, but the news that its founder of the same name, John McAfee, was arrested and imprisoned on October 3, robbed it of the limelight ahead of time. . Since its official establishment in the United States in the 1980s, McAfee, as the "father of anti-virus software", has played a vital role in the development of McAfee. Obviously, however, the turmoil of public opinion that McAfee had set off before did not affect McAfee's listing process-McAfee sold McAfee to Intel at a high price in 2010, and currently he has no connection with McAfee. When the public's attention shifted from the negative news-ridden McAfee to  McAfee itself, the  world's largest professional  security technology  company, it was quickly discovered that under the ups and downs of McAfee, the anti-virus software industry was shuffled and sinking. Even if the current veteran anti-virus company McAfee has successfully made its w