Kill the security guard, where is Robotaxi's next stop?

  Back to the origin of Robotaxi's commercial use, how do competing OEMs and travel platforms form a closed-loop industry? As an "incremental" position in the process of autonomous driving, how long will the safety officer exist? The answer to this question may soon be revealed. Waymo announced on October 8 this year that it will open a fully driverless car-hailing service to the public in the suburbs of Phoenix in the United States. Immediately afterwards, Cruise was approved to test fully autonomous vehicles on public roads in California, and announced on October 16 that it plans to send fully autonomous test vehicles without safety officers on the roads before the end of this year. In China, Wenyuan Zhixing and  Baidu  's unmanned Robotaxi also hit the road. Killing the safety officer seems to be a reality overnight, but when the "True Autopilot" without the main driver really comes to us, where should Robotaxi's next stop go? Remove the safety office

New energy vehicles: Chips may not be banned, but batteries are banned, we can

  The past year was Zhong  country's new energy  car changes a year, the industry is undergoing a profound change in the supply side, while the epidemic is like a baptism, stimulate market-oriented industry, the Force, and was recognized by the global capital markets . The development of the new energy automobile industry has risen to a national strategy. On October 9th, the State Council passed the "New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan", clearly insisting on the strategic orientation of pure electric drive; on October 27th, the Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers released new energy vehicle technology Roadmap 2.0, all fuel vehicles will be hybrid by 2035. In the future, new energy vehicles will gradually become mainstream products.  To this end, Gelonghui has launched the #新能源汽车# series to lead readers to the investment opportunities behind new energy vehicles, to better understand and place bets on new energy vehicles. This article is the first in this se