Tesla released a major facelift, Model S Plaid, which is as different as ever

  The news of the newly redesigned 2021  Tesla  Model S was suddenly mentioned by Musk at the beginning of the year. Everyone was pleased with the Model S that had not been updated for a long time.  However, when the pictures came to light later, everyone found that the change didn't feel much, and there was almost no change in appearance. Tony teachers just repaired it and it was over.  However, after the interior was exposed, everyone found that it seemed like a new generation without looking at the exterior, which was shocking.  Many people still don't believe that this is the real car, so today Musk will give you an official announcement. Currently the fastest mass-produced electric car Today, Tesla officially released Model S Plaid, and it was also a delivery ceremony. Excited Musk specifically brushed  a  track out of the  Fremont factory  , and then drove directly to the stage. Two days ago, Musk just announced the cancellation of the Plaid+ version. The reason was that

How to treat the upsurge of smart electric vehicles?

  Many crazes are ultimately left to the market, which can be said to be a feather. Will the smart electric car craze be the same here? Text: Neighbor Chapter As the most imaginative consumer technology product after smart phones, smart electric cars are becoming a pig that takes the lead. As we can see, in just one quarter,  Baidu  , Xiaomi,  Huawei  , DJI,  Stone Technology  , Skyworth, Didi and other manufacturers have entered the smart car market in various identities, and it is foreseeable that in the future or More vendors are joining. Here, if you add the traditional automakers that are transforming and the new automakers, it can almost be said that the crowdedness of the electric smart car market is unprecedented. How to treat the car manufacturing fever? Here, the question ensues: whether the current boom in the market is a false boom, and whether it is a recurrence of the past Internet booms. Indeed, in the past few years, we have experienced too much of this kind of craze—sm

It is inevitable for technology companies to enter the market to build cars

  The matter of building a car has changed. Since 2014, building a car has become the most desirable thing for entrepreneurs.  Not only are successful entrepreneurs working hard to start their second and third ventures, but countless "grassroots" teams have also begun to move around, as if the threshold of building a car was suddenly pulled to non-existent. But facts have proved that there are indeed barriers to building cars, and it limits most players.  Li Bin, the founder and chairman of Weilai  Automobile  , once said that an electric car company needs at least 20 billion yuan to reach mass production. Xiaopeng Motors Chairman He Xiaopeng also sighed: "It used to be an exaggeration to see others making cars. I jumped in and realized that 20 billion is not enough to spend.” In the end, the new car-building forces ran out of three first-tier players, but at the same time it also made people realize how difficult it is for a new company to build cars. People's attit