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Trillions carnival, autonomous driving "money" enters the middle game

  Autonomous driving is a big bet, and the outcome is unpredictable, and one must bet. Now, technology companies that have not done autonomous driving are all embarrassed to be called "Dachang".  In 2020, "autonomous driving" has become an extremely hot track after new energy vehicles.  In addition to top auto companies, big technology manufacturers and new energy vehicles up-and-coming stars have also made heavy bets. On November 12, at the 2020 World Intelligent Connected Vehicle Conference, Meituan Vice President and head of autonomous driving Xia Huaxia stated that Meituan will deploy 1,000 autonomous delivery vehicles in Shunyi District of Beijing within three years.  On the same day, Didi Autonomous Driving Company announced that it had obtained a license for new autonomous driving test sections in Shanghai, becoming the first company to obtain licenses for three test zones in Shanghai. Ren Zhengfei said that Huawei does not build cars.  But when looking for n

The stock price plummeted after being short-selling. Are new car-building forces a real skill or a fake bubble?

NIO 's current valuation is twice that of Tesla. While the new car-building forces were advancing all the way, "Big Brother" Wei Lai was short-selling, driving the share price of Xiaopeng and Ideal to plummet. On November 13, Citron issued a short selling report stating that Weilai’s target price should be $25, which is only about half of Weilai’s current stock price.  Affected by the Citron short-selling report, Weilai plunged 7.74% that day, which also drove Xiaopeng down 6.13%, ideally down 1.83%. Citron said that two years ago, when Weilai's stock price was only at $7, he recommended everyone to buy Weilai stock. At that time, Citron was mainly attracted by the personal charm of Weilai CEO Li Bin.  Today, whether it is from the perspective of NIO's position in the Chinese electric vehicle market or the short-term development prospects, NIO's current stock price is unreasonable. Strong competitor: Tesla Citron gave two reasons. The first is the competitive

China Concept Stocks 3 minutes | Pinduoduo fell more than 6%; new energy auto stocks strengthened, ideal car rose nearly 14%

  E-commerce stocks fell,'s U.S. stocks fell more than 7% after the performance, Alibaba fell nearly 1%; Weilai rose more than 2%, Xiaopeng Motors rose 5%; Baidu spent US$3.6 billion to acquire YY Live; Huanju Q3 adjusted Net profit increased by 64% year-on-year. Edit/lydia On Monday, stimulated by the positive news of the vaccine, the three major US stock indexes collectively moved higher, with the Dow and S&P 500 both hitting record closing highs.  Most of China's concept stocks closed up, with 168 rising and 102 falling. The specific performance is as follows: Among the large Chinese concept stocks,  Alibaba  fell 0.97%; fell 7.41%; Pinduoduo fell 6.12%; Netease fell 1.33%; Sina  Weibo  rose 2.35%; Pinduoduo fell 6.12%; Weilai rose 2.29%;  Ideal Auto  rose 13.94%; Xiaopeng Motors rose 5.02%;  Baidu  rose 1.9%;  iQiyi  rose 4.01%; Huanju Times rose 1.55%; Bilibili rose 2.35%; Tuniu rose 28.85%; Eggshell fell 9.27%. The biggest gainers were CBAK Energy Techno