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Who is the "stumbling block" that prevents Tesla from going to the countryside?

  New energy is the trend of automobiles, and the sinking market is the vast world of new energy automobiles.  However, for many new energy vehicle brands, there is still a long and rugged mountain road to go before they truly reach the "willows and flowers in another village". New energy vehicles are accelerating toward the sinking market, looking for new incremental space. However, for more new energy vehicle brands, how to break the dilemma of low prices in the sinking market, increase the added value of products, and obtain more profits in addition to the increase in sales are long-term problems that need to be faced. On the other hand, after  Baidu  , Xiaomi also intends to enter the game. Traditional car companies continue to launch new new energy brands, and more and more players are entering the game. In 2020, the power of new cars will usher in strong growth, and  Tesla  will also achieve sales of over 100,000 vehicles in the Chinese market.  Many high-end brand new

What are the key factors behind Tesla Model Y's price cut?

  On January 1, 2021, with the ringing of the New Year’s Eve bell, the long-life version and the high-performance version of the domestic Tesla Model Y series were reduced by 140,000 yuan and 160,000 yuan respectively compared with the imported version. The official guide price It is 339,900 yuan for the long-life version and 369,900 yuan for the high-performance version.  The price reduction ratio is about 30%. Generally speaking, 1% of the price of a car is advertising expenses, and Tesla (TSLA.US) is a maverick company. It has no advertising in its business model, but the 30% price reduction of domestic models really makes peers compete. The audience was amazed.  As a listed company that sells pure electric vehicles as its main business, why can Tesla make such an exaggerated move? Seize the market To understand Tesla's actions, we must first start with Tesla's business strategy.  Tesla’s first sales in China was in 2014. According to its financial report, Tesla’s revenue in