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What are the key factors behind Tesla Model Y's price cut?

  On January 1, 2021, with the ringing of the New Year’s Eve bell, the long-life version and the high-performance version of the domestic Tesla Model Y series were reduced by 140,000 yuan and 160,000 yuan respectively compared with the imported version. The official guide price It is 339,900 yuan for the long-life version and 369,900 yuan for the high-performance version.  The price reduction ratio is about 30%. Generally speaking, 1% of the price of a car is advertising expenses, and Tesla (TSLA.US) is a maverick company. It has no advertising in its business model, but the 30% price reduction of domestic models really makes peers compete. The audience was amazed.  As a listed company that sells pure electric vehicles as its main business, why can Tesla make such an exaggerated move? Seize the market To understand Tesla's actions, we must first start with Tesla's business strategy.  Tesla’s first sales in China was in 2014. According to its financial report, Tesla’s revenue in

NIO hits back at Tesla: You show the price, I show the "muscle"

  "2020 is a year of rebirth for NIO." On January 9, Li Bin, who led Weilai to cross the line of life and death and bottomed out, appeared on the stage of 2020 NIO Day. Compared with the NIO day held in Shenzhen a year ago, Li Bin's state looks a lot easier.  At that time, NIO was in trouble, but now NIO is heading for glory. Li Bin’s speech is the most eye-catching part of NIO Day every year. In this part, he will release NIO’s new products and some new plans, which is a window for the outside world to get a closer look at NIO’s development. On NIO Day in 2020, the second-generation power station, 150-degree battery pack, and the first pure electric car ET7 will appear in succession. At the time of Tesla's price war and crazy sinking, NIO showed off its muscles, super computing power, super battery life, etc. are the highlights of this NIO day.  Wei Lai, who insists on not cutting prices and taking the high-end route, is hitting Tesla back on the curve? 1 More chargi