New battery technologies are coming out frequently. Who is the "big killer"?

  The continued expansion of the scale of electric vehicles has prompted continuous breakthroughs in power battery technology. Recently, South Korean media ETNews reported that LG Chem plans to mass-produce an ultra-high nickel NCMA battery in the second quarter of next year.  In the second half of next year, this battery will be mounted on the Tesla Model Y produced by the Shanghai Super Factory. Ultra-high nickel NCMA batteries will be produced by LG Energy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of LG Chem.  According to ETNews reports, the nickel content in NCMA battery cathode materials can be increased to 90%, and the cobalt content can be reduced to less than 5%. The biggest advantage of multi-element lithium batteries is high endurance. ETNews reported that NCMA batteries can provide a battery life of no less than 600 kilometers on a single charge, which is significantly higher than the current mainstream 500 kilometers endurance in the market. Combined with a Reuters report earlier this mo

Is the "new force" of car building an opponent of Tesla?

  New energy electric vehicle manufacturers became a big hit in the secondary market in November. In the United States,  news of  Biden’s  victory came, and the Dow Jones Industrials Index hit 30,000 points, the first time in history.  In particular, the investors of electric car manufacturers are excited because he proposed several policies aimed at accelerating the transition to electric cars during his campaign, including providing operating funds for 500,000 charging piles and taxation to buyers Credits and funding for research and development. From this, Tesla has made the most profit.  Since December, since the S&P 500 Index Committee decided to include Tesla in the closely watched index, stock prices have surged and currency volumes have increased significantly. On the western coast of the Pacific, the State Council announced in early November that the sales of electric, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen vehicles in China would increase from 5% to about 20% by 2025.  The blueprint announces patents for unmanned driving, unmanned delivery starts?

  Unmanned distribution has become the development trend of the logistics industry to get through the "last mile" Recently, according to  news from  Tianyan  , Beijing Jingdong Century Trading Co., Ltd., an affiliate of, has added a new piece of patent information on "an unmanned driving control method and device".  The patent application date is May 24, 2019, and the application announcement date is November 24 this year. The patent abstract shows that the present invention discloses an unmanned driving control method and device, which relates to the field of computer technology.  Through the coordinated control of vehicle speed and steering, precise control of unmanned vehicles is realized, and the position and attitude requirements of unmanned vehicles at the end of a specific scene are met at the same time. In recent years, the contribution of  Jingdong's logistics  sector revenue to the group's total revenue has increased significantly, and it ha

Tesla Chief Designer Franz: Design is to solve problems, and art pursues personalization

  There is a difference between design and art. Art is a highly personal work. Design must solve problems. In the high-frequency exchange of Tesla, employees for more than 10 years are rare, especially  after the departure of  former CTO   JB Straubel  and former CFO   Deepak Ahuja  , the chief designer Franz should be one of the few who accompanied Elon Musk to the present. Executives. According to the official introduction, Franz von Holzhausen joined  Tesla  in 2008 and  became the company's chief designer, responsible for controlling Tesla's overall design direction.  When he first joined Tesla, Franz received an impossible task: design a powerful and attractive high-end car.  Three months later, he handed over the design sketch, which was later Tesla's flagship design, the first mass-produced model Model S. Tesla chief designer Franz and Model 3 With Model S, Franz created Tesla’s design experience and extended this experience to Model X, Model 3, Model Y, as well as t