BMW and Ali reached a cooperation, becoming the first car company to access Ali's commercial operating system


The two parties will jointly launch the first dealer online sales and service business for high-end car brands.

BMW and Ali reach cooperation

Recently, BMW and Alibaba signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation, becoming the first auto company to access Alibaba 's commercial operating system.

According to the memorandum of cooperation, the two parties will jointly launch the first dealership online sales and service business for high-end auto brands, and open up online and offline user experience. The online user traffic generated by the two parties in the cooperation will be diverted to distributors and create more business opportunities for them. 

With the help of Alibaba's global membership system, BMW and MINI brands under BMW will carry out marketing activities and brand membership services on Alibaba's multiple online platforms to increase user stickiness and activity and drive business growth. 

According to the BMW announcement, in the future, with the support of dealers, users can directly purchase BMW and MINI cars online through the official Tmall flagship stores of BMW and MINI, and register brand members with one click. Online booking a test drive, repair, maintenance and other services, gold financial and leasing services will also line of.

In addition, this year's Double Eleven, Ali will have more than 50 mainstream car brands and more than 100 models participating in the car promotion. Among them, new energy vehicles account for about 30%, including brands such as FAW-Volkswagen , Beijing Hyundai and Audi.

Editor-in-chief's comment: The automotive sector represented by BMW participated in Double Eleven for the first time this year. It is an incremental business that Ali has high hopes for. Tmall does not sell cars directly. Consumers can buy coupons at flagship stores and use them at brand offline stores. In the future, Ali and BMW will realize the digital transformation of their dealership business. Users can directly purchase BMW cars online through the Tmall flagship store...


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