China Concept Stocks 3 minutes | Ant Hong Kong stocks pricing is completed, admission fee of 4,040 Hong Kong dollars, Jack Ma will become the world's 11th richest person

 US stocks closed on Monday, and the three major US stock indexes closed down sharply. The Dow fell 2.29%, the Nasdaq fell 1.64%, and the S&P 500 fell 1.82%. Popular Chinese concept stocks rose and fell mixed. Among them, Alibaba fell 0.98%, Pinduoduo rose 0.01%, Jingdong rose 0.09%, and Weilai fell 4.23%.

The specific performance is as follows:

Takes stock of well-known aspects, eggshell apartments rose over 5%; era gathered up over 4%, the ideal car rose 3.7%, the only product , beep beep miles miles, from whom you learned rose over 1%. MINISO and Weilai Automobile fell more than 4%; Ctrip, Thunder , Douyu, and Xiaopeng Motor fell more than 2%. Sohu and Huya fell more than 1%, and Alibaba fell nearly 1%.

Focus review

People familiar with the matter: Baidu's negotiation of acquiring YY's domestic business is nearly complete

It has been learned from many people familiar with the matter that the negotiation of $Baidu (BIDU.US)$'s acquisition of the domestic business of $huanju (YY.US)$ is close to completion. YY's overseas business is not within the scope of this transaction and continues to operate independently.

Baidu did not respond to this, and the YY related person responded that they did not know the news. On Friday, tenderness have internal staff broke the news on the celebrations of the times, YY sold themselves to Baidu. Affected by this rumor, YY stock price rose by more than 10% before the market on Friday. Analysts pointed out that in the second quarter of this year, YY's overseas business BIGO live broadcast revenue has exceeded domestic business, and domestic business has reached the ceiling, such a transaction is reasonable for YY.

Last night Huan Gathering surged 4.64% to close at $89.08.

Ideal car Li Xiang posted a message in Moments, ideal bucked the trend and rose nearly 4%

Li Xiang, the founder of $ideal car (LI.US)$ , posted in the circle of friends: We will not participate in any investor's Lp conferences and various annual meetings this year, and no colleagues are allowed to participate. In the 12 months after the IPO, Ideal Auto will not make any financial investment or foreign investment to avoid greed and temptation. All funds are used for technology research and development, user service, quality improvement, talent introduction, and double investment.

Last night, Ideal's stock price rose sharply against the trend, with the highest increase of 4.66%, and finally closed up 3.7%.

Ant Hong Kong shares are priced at 80 Hong Kong dollars per share, Alibaba subscribes for 7.3 million shares

On the evening of October 26, Ant Group issued an announcement: H-share code is 6688; the issue price is 80.00 Hong Kong dollars per share; it will be traded at 50 H shares per lot, and the admission fee (that is, one lot purchase) is about 4,040 Hong Kong dollars.

$Alibaba (BABA.US)$ announced that: As previously announced on October 21, 2020, as part of the A-share offering to strategic investors, Alibaba has agreed to subscribe for 730 million A-shares ("Subscription"). Based on the issue price of RMB 68.80 per share, the total consideration for the subscription is approximately RMB 50.2 billion.

Alibaba's share price reaction was flat, falling slightly by 1%. However, after Ant Group announced the IPO (initial public offering) issue price, Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma will become the world's 11th richest person. This will bring Jack Ma's total assets to $71.6 billion, which will surpass Oracle founder Larry Ellison.

Weilai fell more than 4%, closing down for four consecutive days

Last night, $NIO (NIO.US)$ plummeted 4%, and the stock price fell for four consecutive days. The stock price broke the top and closed at 29.4 US dollars. The higher position has been corrected by nearly 10%.

Previously, GAC Weilai issued an apology statement on the official Weibo for the previous promise of full compensation for the vehicle if the battery caught fire, stating that the promise of full compensation for the vehicle was only a promise made by GAC Weilai to its users and did not involve any friends, supplier.

GAC Weilai said that we should not rashly suggest that all auto companies in the industry that use new energy batteries promise full compensation for the entire vehicle without thorough consideration.

Bitauto signed a privatization agreement, which is scheduled to be completed in the second half of this year

China's concept stock, Bitauto (BITA.US), announced that its shareholders have approved a privatization agreement reached by . Shareholders representing about 88.9% of Bitauto's total outstanding shares participated in the voting in person or by delegated representatives. Each shareholder has one vote per common share. In the end, the shareholders passed the privatization agreement with about 99.9% of the votes.

According to the announcement, the transaction is expected to be completed in the second half of 2020, and the acquisition funds of the investor consortium will be combined with cash and existing equity. After the transaction is settled, Bitauto will become a privatized company and delist from the NYSE.

Qinhuai Data invests in the construction of Asia's largest single ultra-large-scale data center and officially operates

On October 25, $Qinhuai Data (CD.US)$ planned, invested, constructed and operated the latest phase of the Capital-Taihang Mountain Energy Information Technology Industry Base officially opened in Datong, Shanxi. The project supports the basic services of the global digital leader AI artificial intelligence computing power. A single data center has an IT capacity of 50MW and a private room granularity of more than 18MW. It is currently Asia's largest single ultra-large-scale data center.

Prior to this, Qinhuai Data Group also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Country Garden for in-depth cooperation in areas such as digital technology industry planning, data center construction and development, high-end equipment manufacturing, smart community and edge computing node development, integrated energy and investment.

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