Despite selective reports, Tesla Model Y is still in great demand

 Depending on the location of the press release, you may have read that Tesla may go bankrupt any day today because the demand for cars is declining worldwide. The latest headline after Tesla's record sales in the third quarter shows that these numbers prove that demand concerns still exist. But wait, isn't the company building multiple factories around the world so that it can produce more cars?

If demand is an issue, then it would be foolish to build more factories. Tesla is currently building a factory in Texas, which will help it produce more Model Y crossovers. There are also rumors that the all-electric car manufacturer will soon start producing and selling Model Y cars in China. Tesla seems unable to keep up with the number of vehicles it needs for production.

Remember, Tesla can only sell cars it makes. This means that you may have to wait a while before you can purchase a new Tesla Model Y, especially if you live in certain areas. In this crazy fourth quarter, this may be a bigger problem as Tesla races to reach its annual output, which usually means various adjustments to delivery logistics.

Despite selective reports, Tesla Model Y is still in great demand

So, what if you really want a Tesla Model y and are impatient? Just order one and wait, right? It will take weeks or months in the grand plan. Or, you can find Model Y with a salvage title and pay full price or even premium for it. However, no one will do this.

According to Teslarati's latest report, this is actually happening. It seems that the demand for Model Y is so great that people are actually seeking to rescue Model Ys at full price. In fact, some people pay a higher price for a Model Y with a salvage title than a brand new Model Y.

Teslarati shared a salvaged Tesla Model Y with a damaged front end, which is being sold on for $52,000. The starting price for the same new car is $49,990. Interestingly, this is not a one-off situation, because other auction sites have advertised Model Y and Model 3 vehicles at the same price as the new starting price in the past.


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