How to evaluate Tesla's mid-term facelift Model 3?

 Tesla will always give the old leeks a double crit!

The price has just been lowered on October 11 and will be upgraded in half a year. Tesla is not like traditional car companies with a small change every year and a blunt knife. Tesla is a place to be changed for several years. It is a one-time big move.

Calculating how much money this upgrade is equal to, I'm directly stuck with the upgrade content, don't say I'm lazy.

1. Battery life upgrade (EPA standard) 
-The standard battery life upgrade version has been increased from 250 miles (about 402 kilometers) to 263 miles (about 423 kilometers); 
-The dual-motor long battery life version has been increased from 322 miles (about 518 kilometers) to 353 miles ( (Approximately 568 kilometers); 
-The high-performance version has been upgraded from 299 miles (approximately 481 kilometers) to 315 miles (approximately 507 kilometers);

Standard battery life and high-performance upgrades are not obvious. This 20-kilometer battery life is a new product as a gift;

The long battery life is great. Increase the 30 kilometers of EPA, and replace it with NEDC. This would have to be a small 80 kilometers. According to the current domestic version and add 80 kilometers of NEDC, the battery life will directly exceed 700. It is an increase in level, and the battery life of tens of kilometers is 5000 yuan. It should not be too much, after all, there is still a difference of 60,000 yuan between domestic standard and long-term renewals. According to the price of the independent brand, the battery life of 200 kilometers is almost equal to 20,000, and the battery life of my large tens of kilometers is increased by 5,000 yuan, which is definitely lower.

2. Acceleration upgrade (0~60 miles acceleration) 
-The dual-motor long battery life version has been upgraded from 4.4s to 4.2s;-the 
high-performance version has been upgraded from 3.2s to 3.1s;

The acceleration of electric cars is not worth money, these are all gifts. Now the point is here, the following are all valuable goods. Let's take a look at the changes in appearance first. It is indeed much more beautiful. If you put a major domestic appearance change, you can't get it even if you add 10,000.

-Standard power distribution tailgate for all series: It is necessary to install 3,000 yuan in the market, and Xiaopeng will pay 980 for the payment, and it is free to Tesla!

-Double glazing (sound insulation improvement): Double glazing improves driving quietness, and these two pieces of glass are not much.

-Blackening of the chrome trim: I took a look at the official website, and the appearance is much better. It should be reasonable to add 2000 yuan to the appearance.

-Modification of the interior center armrest: I didn't see any sense of quality in this one, it was given.

-New headlights: Headlights are the key to pit money. It is not much for you to pay 10,000. Although it is not worth the money, the upgrade of the lamp is as low as 3,000.

-Brand new wheels: The new wheels make the car a lot of energy at once, saving the money for an optional wheel. Now the official website of China has a standard of 6000, which is also 3,000 yuan.

If there is a legendary heat pump, it will be even more profitable, and the wiring harness will be reorganized according to Model Y to improve the level of electricity management. Let's leave these legends alone and see if there are any surprises then.

The appearance alone is worth 14,000 yuan. If you add 5,000 yuan for the long battery life, it is equivalent to another price reduction of 14,000 to 20,000 for Tesla.

So the old leeks know why the second-hand car dealers dare not accept Model 3 at all. The market is too unstable. If they don’t, they will lose money. If you have to ask the second-hand car dealer to quote a price, it is impossible for him. Quote a price for being beaten.

Price reduction + additional equipment, if the long-life version is reduced by 9,000, and the subsidy is 20,000 below 300,000, this car is simply invincible. Not only Xiaopeng, but also BYD Hancer trembles, even the unlisted ID.4 will do well. The price will be determined by weighing.

In summary, this upgrade is not only the appearance of the face value has been greatly enhanced in the endurance performance also progress, coupled with the rewriting of FSD and AP, Tesla usher in a super upgrade from the outside inside , this time The magnitude of the upgrade is comparable to the shock caused by the eleven major price cuts.

Those who have already ordered the car quickly find their own sales, try to postpone the delivery time, even if 1,000 yuan is not needed, it is worth waiting for this upgraded version. If the car has not been ordered yet, wait for the long-life version to drop to less than 30. If this car drops to less than 30, it will become the most cost-effective new energy product.

The old leeks of Tesla, still have to calm down, it is estimated that after the upgrade, there will be a secondary factory appearance kit, spend a little money to change it, the appearance looks no different from the new model.

At the end of the writing, it doesn’t feel like writing Tesla. This is Intel. It always makes people “wait~wait for the lights and wait for the lights”.

Many friends want to know when the update will be available. Tao Lin, a Tesla executive, posted a lot of spectacles on Weibo, but didn't spit a letter. Now Xianyu has all the accessories on it, it should be fast, or Xianyu is reliable. China's supply chain is really awesome!


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