IPhone 12 release intends to detonate consumer prices with 5G widely targeting mobile phone replacement

 On the 13th, Apple released the "iPhone 12" series of mobile phones, which is the first series to support the "5G" high-speed communication standard. This move reflects Apple's idea of ​​using 5G as the initiator to attract consumers in order to control the price of high-end models.

  The four models released by the company this time are "iPhone 12 mini", "iPhone 12", "iPhone 12 Pro" and "iPhone 12 Pro Max" in order of price. They are all iPhone models that support 5G for the first time. In addition to the enhanced functions for taking pictures in dark places and photo correction, high-quality video recording and editing are also possible. The 6.7-inch screen of the "iPhone 12 Pro Max" is the largest screen in the history of the iPhone.

  However, the provision of 5G network services has not yet become widespread worldwide. According to the American research company, it is also limited to certain urban areas in Europe, the United States and South Korea, and it is offered later in Japan.

  Nevertheless, the American market still has a high sense of expectation for "5G". Because in the US market, people are looking forward to replacing old models. Apple is preparing to prepare a wider range of iPhones to attract corresponding demand.

  The top model "iPhone 12 Pro Max" starts at US$1,099 (approximately RMB 7,400) in the U.S. It has not "increased the price" while adding 5G functions. Part of the reason why prices can be stabilized seems to be the reduction of accessories. Apple explained that by reducing accessories, it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2 million tons per year.


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