Tesla fired the head of the Berlin factory and said it "will not delay the planned application process for the factory"

 On October 22, according to foreign media reports, Evan Horetsky, the engineering supervisor of Tesla's Berlin "Super Factory" construction project, has been fired.

Horetsky joined Tesla in 2015 and was responsible for the construction of the Nevada super factory and the Berlin factory. According to the "Berlin Morning Post" report, Horetsky is called "Mr. Super Factory" by employees of the Berlin factory. He is responsible for procurement and construction at the Berlin factory.

So far, Tesla has declined to comment on whether Evan Horetsky is still working for Tesla-related companies. According to foreign media speculation, Horetsky's departure may be related to the factory's recent non-payment of water bills. At the same time, Tesla said that Horetsky's departure will not delay the factory's planned application process.

Tesla's Berlin Gigafactory is Tesla's fourth factory producing cars and batteries, and Tesla's first factory in Europe. Tesla previously announced that it plans to build the Berlin Super Factory and put it into production before July 1, 2021, and begin production of its electric crossover Tesla Model Y.

However, the factory has been conducting a lengthy environmental audit. The Gruheide and Brandenburg authorities have so far only approved conditional construction, and there is no formal planning permission. This process may cause Tesla's Berlin plant to take longer to build than the Shanghai plant, which took only 11 months from site selection to commissioning.

In addition, on October 16 this year, Tesla's Berlin plant was forced to suspend work because it did not pay the water bill. After receiving the reminder, Tesla promised to pay the fee, but failed to pay the fee due to an IT failure. After the payment was successful, the construction of the factory began to return to normal.

During the period, Horetsky quoted President Theodore Roosevelt and tweeted: "The honor belongs to the people in the arena. His face is covered with dust, sweat and blood. He fought bravely. He made mistakes, time after time. The goal is not reached once, because there is no mistake or shortcoming and no effort. If he fails, at least he failed in a brave challenge."

It is worth noting that Tesla's executives leave frequently this year. On June 10, according to Electrek, Tesla’s vice president of business development, Robin Ren, had resigned. During his tenure as Vice President of Global Sales, Ren Yuxiang promoted the completion of the Shanghai Tesla Super Factory, making Tesla the first foreign auto manufacturer to build a wholly-owned factory in China.

Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi previously counted that Tesla replaces about 27% of its executives every year. Among the executives who report directly to Musk, about 44% choose to leave each year, while in other companies such as Amazon, Uber and Facebook, this number averages about 9%.

According to Sacconaghi's analysis, some people think that the high turnover rate of Tesla executives reflects the strict company culture. He is worried that this high turnover rate will not only lead to instability, but also reflect the greater executives’ awareness of the company’s direction and work practices. Worry.


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