Tesla: Model Y battery life upgrade upgrade mileage increased to 524 kilometers

 News on October 19, according to foreign media reports, Tesla is undergoing a software update to improve the existing Model Y range. A few days ago, Tesla updated the cruising range of the Model 3 standard battery life upgraded version from 250 miles (about 402 kilometers) to 263 miles (about 423 kilometers) on its US official website, and changed the cruising range of the Model Y long-range version from 316 miles (about 508 kilometers) have been updated to 326 miles (about 524 kilometers).

Tesla said in a release note that these improvements come from code that "improves the efficiency of electric motors and climate control systems." In other words, Tesla's upgrades for battery life seem to be all around software.

It is worth mentioning that although the cruising range has increased, the price of the aforementioned Model Y has not changed.


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