The stock market's growth rate in 2020 is the fastest

 The impact of the epidemic on the Chinese economy and entrepreneurs is not as severe as imagined.

Despite the devastating economic impact of the new crown epidemic on a global scale, data from the " Hurun Rich List" in 2020 show that the number of entrepreneurs with wealth of more than 2 billion yuan in China hit a record high.

Hurun statistics show that the number of entrepreneurs in China with a wealth of more than 2 billion yuan has reached 2,398, an increase of 579 from 2019. As of August 28, 2020, the total wealth of the entrepreneurs on the list reached 27.5 trillion yuan, an increase of 54% over 2019. Among them, the number of hundreds of billions of entrepreneurs doubled compared with last year, reaching 41, the largest in the past.

This makes 2020 the fastest year of wealth creation in history. The total wealth of Chinese entrepreneurs on the list exceeds the gross domestic product (GDP) of Germany, the world's fourth largest economy.

In terms of personal and family wealth rankings, the 56-year-old Alibaba founder Jack Ma grew wealth by 125 billion yuan, becoming China's richest man for the fourth time with 400 billion yuan. The 49-year-old Tencent founder Ma Huateng's wealth increased by 130 billion yuan, ranking second with 390 billion yuan.

Zhong Sui, the 66-year-old founder of Nongfu Spring, ranked third with 365 billion yuan on the list for the first time because of the rapid growth of the wealth of his two newly listed companies. 

Source: Hurun Research Institute

The world's largest unicorn company Ant Group, also founded by Jack Ma, has launched simultaneous listings in Shanghai and Hong Kong. After listing, it is expected that the market value will exceed 1.5 trillion yuan. With the listing of Ant, Jack Ma promised to donate his 610 million shares of Ant stock for charity. Together with the related shares of Alibaba and Yunfeng Fund he donated before , Jack Ma has donated wealth for charity over the years. The amount will reach 100 billion yuan. Despite this, Jack Ma can still keep the title of the richest man. 

Which fields and companies have the strongest ability to create wealth?

Among the more than 2,300 entrepreneurs on the list this year, 1921 have increased their wealth over last year. Among them, the largest increase in wealth was the family of Li Jianquan , a newly listed company Sanitary Medical, whose wealth rose by 956% and became the richest man on the Science and Technology Innovation Board with 38 billion yuan. Other large gains also includes online education platform from whom you learned Xiangdong's (an increase of 662%), real estate trading platform shell left Hui (an increase of 483%). Most wealth is block chain line Genk mining machine manufacturer industry group bit continent, it has shrunk 19 billion.

On the other hand, 164 entrepreneurs dropped out this year, including Zheng Yuewen of Kerui Group whose shares were frozen Qian Zhiya and Lu Zhengyao of Ruixing Coffee , Jia Yueting of Faraday Future, and Zhao Wei and Huang Youlong.

From the perspective of the industry sectors of the entrepreneurs on the list, manufacturing is still the industry that "makes wealth" the most, accounting for 23.8%, of which advanced manufacturing accounts for 60%. The proportion of people on the list in the real estate industry dropped from 14.8% last year to 10.6%, falling out of the top two for the first time and becoming the third largest industry. Big Health has risen to the second largest industry for the first time with a 10.9% share, of which emerging sectors account for nearly 60%.

From the perspective of the ability of various companies to "make wealth", the companies with the largest number of people on the list are Haitian Weiye and Ali, with 27 shareholders on the list. Haitian Flavor has increased its number of listed companies by 19 due to the rising market value of listed companies. Ali is due to the upcoming listing of Ant Group, adding 14 new shareholders to the threshold. Transsion has 10 shareholders on the list.

Chinese entrepreneurs recover fastest after the epidemic

Hurun Report, Chairman and Chief Research Officer, Hu Run said: “The impact of the epidemic on China’s economy and entrepreneurs is not as severe as expected. The Growth Enterprise Market Index, Shenzhen Component Index and Nasdaq are still rising compared to the same period last year. 70%, 45% and 48%.” The Shanghai Composite Index rose 18% over the same period last year, and the Hang Seng Index was close to the same period last year. 

The average age of the entrepreneurs on the list is 55 years old, one year older than last year. There are 256 "post-80s" on the list, 100 more than last year. Of these, 76 were self-made, 22 more than last year. Pinduoduo’s 40-year-old Huang Zheng’s wealth increased by 85 billion, and he became the richest self-made man born out of the 80s with 220 billion, followed by Zhang Yiming, 37-year-old Bytedance, whose wealth increased by 15 billion to 110 billion. Four "post-80s" enter the "Eleven Zero Club (100 Billion Club)".

There are also 27 "post-90s" on the list, 16 more than last year. Only one of them is self-made. He is the 29-year-old HiTea founder Nie Yunchen, who made the list for the first time with a fortune of 4.5 billion. 

"This year, the wealth of the top 100 entrepreneurs in the world experienced a decline, a V-shaped recovery, and a major outbreak. In the first two months after the outbreak, their wealth fell by 2.6 trillion yuan. Last month, there was a V-shaped recovery, most prominently in the e-commerce industry, and the third stage of a new economic explosion, represented by the new energy vehicle Tesla. After the epidemic, Chinese entrepreneurs recovered the fastest. "Hu Run analyzed.

"According to the pace of wealth creation in recent years, China should have a dozen trillion-level entrepreneurs and several hundred-billion-level philanthropists in five years' time," he said.

For the third consecutive year, Hurun Research Institute included entrepreneurs who were born abroad and successfully started their businesses in mainland China. There are 26 people on the list this year, of which 10 are from Hong Kong, 9 are from Taiwan, 2 are from Singapore, and 1 are each from the United States, Denmark, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

They have four non-Chinese: Baiji Divine Americans John Oyler (wealth 17 billion yuan), Bestseller Fashion Danish Dan Friis (Fortune 7 billion yuan), Bangladeshis acoustic of Arif Chowdhury (3.5 billion yuan of wealth ) And the American Keith Kepler of Funeng Technology (fortune 3 billion).


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