Young people, do you really not love the Internet anymore?

 The Internet has become so fast that many graduates have not yet realized this change. In the past ten years, the mobile Internet has created a large number of Chinese companies that rely on innovation to compete with the world, and thousands of small and beautiful Internet companies have also been created. A website and an app can capture a group of fans and feed a group of employees. However, such stories have become fewer and fewer. After repeated interpretations and interpretations, the "legends" of idealism and heroism passed by word of mouth have gradually moved away from today's Internet industry, but they have become more and more young. Human career vision.

So, will young people stop loving the Internet? The author does not think so. First of all, the Internet is still popular among young people. In first-tier cities, the Internet is still the most popular profession among young people. In the article, there are only some changes in positions, which indeed reflect some of the current situation in the industry. So, what will the real situation be like? In fact, young people still love the Internet industry. First of all, Internet companies are developing very fast, and it is relatively difficult to judge seniority, and employees have more opportunities to play. The rich experience of many Internet companies in the past is a huge demonstration effect.

However, we can also see that Internet companies are developing too fast, which makes Internet companies give people an unstable situation despite high salaries, and many industries and positions are new. With the industry situation Some positions may rapidly flourish and disappear, which makes it difficult for individuals to plan their own careers or balance work and life. For example, product manager is a typical position. The skills required for the position description of this position will be relatively blurred, which makes many professional students transfer to this position, but with the changes in the industry situation, it may quickly lead to oversupply. This situation may happen in many other industries, but Internet companies may become more rapid

Secondly, the high income and high intensity of Internet companies are also easily daunting. This is because with economic development and environmental changes, some young people will consider a more balanced lifestyle. Especially because of the epidemic, the thinking of many young people has changed.

At the same time, we can also see that the future development direction of the Internet will inevitably move towards a process of normalization, and ultra-high-speed development is not a normalized phenomenon. Any industry has its growth cycle. With the digitization of the industry, digital elements will infiltrate more industries, and the Internet industry will no longer be such a special industry, and the profits of the industry may move towards a process of equalization. This makes it possible that the attractiveness of Internet companies’ wages may decrease in relative value. At the same time, more industries may attract Internet companies’ personnel to work in corresponding industries, such as the industrial Internet field. Because the Internet industry is still very new, and discussions about 996 and age are always a problem, but any industry needs a process of knowledge and experience precipitation, rather than blindly touting youth. Therefore, there is no problem for young people to stay away from the Internet. But at the same time, the digitization of more traditional industries and the development of artificial intelligence and other industries may also cause some new changes in the development of the industry.


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