By the end of 2020, the total number of domestic charging piles will reach more than 7,000. Tesla is accelerating the sales of charging network layout?

 Charging piles will be the driving force for electric vehicle sales in the future.

Tesla has accelerated the layout of charging piles in the country, creating conditions for further increase in car sales.

Tesla recently stated on its official Weibo that by the end of 2020, nearly 650 super charging stations (about 5000 DC charging piles) and more than 2,000 destination charging piles (AC charging piles) will be built in mainland China, covering more than 250 cities. It is estimated that by the end of 2020, there will be more than 7,000 supercharged and eye-filled piles, covering major cities and inter-city connections across the country.

Charging piles are for electric vehicles just like gasoline is for fuel vehicles. The inadequate layout means that consumers must always face mileage anxiety, which restricts the increase in sales of electric vehicles.

Tesla obviously has a deep understanding of this. As Tesla accelerates its deployment of charging piles in China, the number of charging piles worldwide has also created a new milestone. On November 5th, Tesla announced that as of now, Tesla has more than 20,000 super charging piles worldwide. Charging grid network layout has become one of the advantages of Tesla.

But in order to complete Tesla's 2020 record delivery target, its existing charging pile layout needs to be further improved.

At the earnings call in the third quarter of this year, Musk reiterated that the delivery target of 500,000 units this year remains unchanged. In the first three quarters, Tesla delivered a total of 318,000 vehicles, which means that it will deliver 182,000 vehicles in the last quarter. New car.

Tesla's sales task remains arduous, and the Chinese market has become the key. Tesla has previously lowered the subsidized starting price of the domestic Model 3 to 249,900 yuan. After the price is attractive, the further improvement of the charging pile layout may further eliminate consumers’ concerns and add to its sales growth. fire.


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