New energy vehicle stalls? Xiaopeng Motors suffered a huge shock during the intraday session and fell more than 12% at one time

 Announced cooperation with Douyin, Yunji soared 90%, and then rose 50% after the market; Alibaba US stocks rose nearly 4%, nearly 10% in the past 4 days; became the number one short target, Lufax plunged 7%, from The high point retreated nearly 30%.

The Dow rose more than 400 points, and both S&P and S&P reached new highs. Energy and financial stocks led the gains. The S&P energy sector rose more than 5%; the Nasdaq approached a record high. Most popular Chinese concept stocks closed up, with 23 rising and 18 falling.

The specific performance is as follows:

In terms of large Chinese concept stocks, NIO fell 3.38%, Xiaopeng Motors fell 2.13%, Ideal Auto rose 0.73%, Alibaba rose 3.65%, Pinduoduo rose 2.05%, JD rose 2.58%, Baidu rose 0.99%, and NetEase rose 2.88 %.

In terms of other Chinese concept stocks, Blue City Brothers rose 23%, Qutoutiao rose 14%, GSX rose 1.85%, Vipshop rose 4.03%, and NetEase Youdao rose 4.30%.

Focus review

Xiaopeng Motors suffered a huge shock during the intraday session, which fell more than 12% at one time and closed down 2%

On Tuesday, Xiaopeng Motors failed to continue the strong upward trend on Monday. It fell rapidly at the opening and fell by more than 12%. The decline gradually narrowed. At one time, it rose 3%, a record high, but the upward trend could not be maintained. Xiaopeng Motors closed down 2.13%, and its market value fell to US$50.8 billion, with a turnover of US$6.8 billion.

Weilai's trend is similar to Xiaopeng, closing down 3.38%, with a turnover of $13 billion. Ideal Motors closed up 0.73 yuan, and new car-making forces all hit record highs.

Announced cooperation with Douyin, Yunji soared by 90%, and then rose by 50% after the market

On November 25, membership-based e-commerce platform $Yunji (YJ.US)$ announced that the company has signed a cooperation framework agreement with Douyin , a live broadcast platform owned by ByteDance . Through the cooperation between the two parties, Yunji will use its online store and Douyin video account to introduce and promote more high-quality products from its differentiated supply chain.

Yunji skyrocketed 90% on Tuesday, with a turnover of US$500 million and a turnover rate of 381%. The stock price rose another 50% after the market.

Alibaba US stocks soared nearly 4%, nearly 10% in the past 4 days

Affected by a series of events, Alibaba's stock price fell from a maximum of US$319 to US$252, a correction of about 20% from a historical high. Recently, Alibaba's stock price has come out of a decline, with a cumulative increase of 9.43% in the past four trading days, and its market value stands at US$750 billion.

Lufax plunged 7%, and pulled back nearly 30% from its high

Tuesday $ Lu gold Holdings (LU.US) $ fell 6.89 percent, from November 16th high of 20.17 Mei yuan terms , the callback rate has reached 28%.

Procensus according to a report released in November 5, the ant is suspended IPO, "Wall Street has changed radically recent Chinese financial investment interest in technology stocks," Lu gold to become "the number one short section of the target." According to data compiled by IHS Markit, as of November 17, short sales accounted for approximately 34% of Lufax's outstanding shares, which was higher than the 5% of Ant Group's initial public offering when it was suspended.

Dada Group fell 7%

Dada Group closed down 7.75% on Tuesday, failing to continue its strong performance after the results. After the market on November 19, Dada Group announced its third-quarter results. The financial report showed that the total revenue of Dada Group in the third quarter was 1.302 billion yuan, and the market was expected to be 1.286 billion yuan. The same period last year was 702 million yuan, an increase of 85.5%. . Affected by better-than-expected performance, Dada Group's stock price rose 54% in two days.

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