Rumor has it that NIO is preparing to build overseas business: entering the European market in 2021, landing in Denmark as the first stop


NIO has made substantial progress in going overseas. Currently, an export business team has been established, and related business units are also under preparation. The "Marco Polo Plan" was also launched internally.

NIO has made substantial progress in going overseas and has established an export business team

According to Yiou's report, NIO has made substantial progress in going overseas. Currently, an export business team has been set up, and related business units are under preparation. The "Marco Polo Plan" was also launched internally.

NIO will launch its overseas market from the European market. The first stop will be Copenhagen , Denmark . The ES8 and ES6 models will be promoted locally. The sales target is 7,000 vehicles within two years. NIO has two R&D centers in Europe, which provide the foundation for its expansion in the European market. The core of NIO's overseas business is service, such as one-click power-up and worry-free service.

In August of this year, Wei Lai founder Li Bin revealed the signal to enter the European market, saying that he will start going overseas in the second half of 2021, and plans to enter the major global markets before 2023 or 2024.

Recently, Weilai mass-produced vehicles rolled off the production line for the first time in a single month and exceeded 5,000 units, breaking the monthly production record of China's high-end electric vehicle brands. In the Chinese market, Weilai's current mass production capacity is relatively stable, and sales volume is also considerable. In the second quarter of this year, Weilai delivered a total of 10,331 new cars, with sales of nearly 3.5 billion yuan, an increase of 146.5% year-on-year.

As of August this year, Weilai Automobile and Ideal Automobile have delivered a total of 53,600 and 15,700 respectively. As of July this year, Xiaopeng Motors has delivered a total of 20,700 vehicles, and Weimar Motors has delivered more than 30,000 vehicles so far. However, Weilai has not yet achieved profitability. In the second quarter of this year, the net loss was nearly 1.2 billion yuan.

In the third quarter, Tesla delivered nearly 140,000 vehicles, and it has been profitable for five consecutive quarters. At the same time, it is reported that in the fourth quarter of this year, Tesla will mass-produce Model 3 in China and deliver it to overseas markets such as Europe, Singapore, and Australia as early as the end of this year or early next year. Tesla's Berlin plant will also start production of Model 3 and Model Y in 2021, helping to expand the European market.

Editor-in-chief's comment: Weilai Automobile, which is emerging in the domestic electric vehicle market, has set its sights on overseas. Tesla has confirmed the success of going overseas, seizing market opportunities, and taking the lead in achieving stable profitability. Weilai also needs to expand its territory and seize more markets. Whether it is a traditional car company or a new car manufacturer, going to the sea is a compulsory course for a certain stage of development. On the one hand, the domestic market has limited space after all, and needs to rely on overseas markets for more growth, and going overseas is expected to become the second growth curve; on the other hand, it will enhance the overall influence of the brand, establish an international image of the brand, and enhance consumers at home and abroad Recognize and boost sales.

However, Weilai also faces some challenges when going out to sea. On the one hand, despite having long battery life, battery swap mode and cost-effective advantages, Weilai also needs to be wary of unacceptable. Since the European market usually regards electric vehicles as the second car in the family and does not pursue the range, NIO needs to use shorter-range models as the current flagship, and long-range models as a supplement to cater to the mainstream needs of local consumers...


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