Tesla has developed the third-generation "vaccine printer". Has the road to making money in new fields have been laid out?

 Before the outbreak of the epidemic, Musk became interested in the field of biotechnology.

Tesla 's work in the field of new crown vaccines has made new progress.

On November 10, local time, Tesla CEO Musk said on social media that the company is developing a third-generation vaccine printer for German vaccine company CureVac. "I hope it can become the most important product in the world, but it may not be cost-effective for Tesla."

Public information shows that CureVac was founded in 2000 and is the first company in the world to successfully use mRNA for medical purposes. Currently, CureVac is developing a new crown vaccine based on mRNA.

In July of this year, Musk announced the cooperation with CureVac on Twitter, saying: “ As a secondary project, Tesla is building RNA micro-factories for CureVac and possibly other companies. ” Musk believes that synthetic RNA (And DNA) has amazing potential, which basically makes the solution of many diseases a software problem.

The vaccine seems to have nothing to do with the automotive and new energy fields that Tesla is concerned about. However, after the successful development of CureVac's vaccine, Tesla's accumulation in the manufacturing field can help it quickly achieve vaccine production on a global scale.

At present, the new crown epidemic in Europe and the Americas is getting worse, and Tesla may be able to make an extra pot of gold from vaccine production.

In fact, before the outbreak of the epidemic, Musk became interested in the field of biotechnology. According to media reports, in 2019, Tesla jointly applied for the "RNA in vitro transcription bioreactor" patent through the German Grohmann team and CureVac. Musk may want to create a new revenue growth curve for Tesla in the field of biotechnology.


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