The car boss, Wuzhen "spit" the mantra

 "There will be no non-Internet cars in the future, and traditional cars will no longer exist"

Source: Photo courtesy of the organizer of Internet Car Wuzhen Night Talk

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On the evening of November 23, there was a light rain in Wuzhen. The annual "World Internet Conference" arrives as scheduled, and this ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River, known as the "China Internet Business Card", has welcomed many "pilgrims".

In previous years, Internet bigwigs gathered together and boiled wine and talked about heroes. This time they were the bigwigs of the Chinese auto industry. As night falls, the 2020 Internet Auto Wuzhen Night Talk, under the guidance of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and China Electrotechnical Society, sponsored by Tongxiang Municipal People’s Government and Huanqiu Auto Media, kicks off, and is in major automobile groups, parts companies, and industrial chain enterprises. High-ranking leaders have opened up the "talking box."

"I am an old man who represents the old age." In the opening session of the evening talk , Yin Tongyue, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., took the lead in expressing his position, "The inertia of (people) in traditional cars is too great, and the changes (face) are too great ". He said with emotion that every time he dealt with Internet companies and young people inside, he felt that he was ten years old, "the times are abandoning me, it's too fast".

Yin Tongyue Source: Photo courtesy of the organizer of Internet Car Wuzhen Night Talk

Xu Heyi, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and deputy director of the Economic Committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, also expressed his three views on how traditional car companies can build new Internet cars: First, they must "forge a long board" to improve the modernization of the industrial chain and supply chain; We must "make up for shortcomings", accelerate digital transformation, and create products that are most suitable for consumers; finally, we must establish a development model of "chip + platform + car building + new marketing".

In addition, although he did not participate in the speech, Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group, also came to the night talk scene.

Focusing on "redefining Internet cars", the big guys discussed the most concerned issues of many auto circles:

1. "New forces", where is the "new"?

2. What is the difficulty for traditional car companies to build "new cars"?

3. What is the logic behind the surging market value of "new car-making forces"?

4. How can Internet cars improve user experience?

Future Auto Daily (ID: auto-time) was invited to participate in the entire conference. The following content was selected and extracted from the night story to try to find the answer to the question.

"There will be no non-Internet cars in the future, and traditional cars will no longer exist"

During the whole night talk , Ding Lei, the founder, chairman and CEO of Chinese Express , who has led the battle in "automobile manufacturers" such as SAIC Volkswagen and SAIC GM for more than 20 years , took a small notebook to take notes and focus on the key points. This "post-60s Autobot " who experienced the first wave of Internet car building, after leaving LeTV, resolutely continued to explore the way to build cars on the Internet.

Source of Ding Lei: Photo courtesy of the organizer of Wuzhen Night Talk

The question discussed in the first round table meeting was: Where is the “new force” standing in the center of the stage?

"The entire automotive industry will undergo subversive changes and restructuring." Ding Lei said. In the past, auto companies moved from supply chain to delivery in a single way. Now it is multi-dimensional. "In the past, what customers experience is your value, and now customers are completely I hope to use your car like a mobile phone." He doesn't think that car companies can adapt to this era by making changes in traditional industries. "Traditional industries need to be maintained, but you must catch up in other dimensions."

Later, Ding Lei even asserted: "I think there will be no non-Internet cars in the future. They are all Internet cars. Traditional cars will no longer exist. They are all Internet cars." In his opinion, a large number of outstanding companies will go public in the process. "Not just 3 companies, there may be 30 such companies in the future. Some are start-ups, and some are Internet companies that have reborn from traditional car companies."

This traditional car veteran encourages others in the room to "beat the last one." "We are too experienced," Ding Lei said. "A lot of things have changed over time. What was right in the past may not be right. You have to get rid of your inertia."

In the view of Liu Junfeng, vice president of iFLYTEK and general manager of the smart car business unit, the "newness" of the new forces is first reflected in their greater attention to comprehensive user experience, "beginning to change the role of the original customer to the user, and the car and the The full life cycle of the user is bundled".

Liu Junfeng mentioned that there are countless applications in mobile phones today, but even if there are 100 in the car, it is a lot. How can these 100 be valuable to users and show differences and personalization is the focus of research and development. "A lot of AI technologies and some OS and cloud platform technologies are all for serving and supporting the upper corners of the iceberg."

Wu Baojun, the co-founder and president of Leaprun Technology, vividly stated that the current new forces and the direction they are competing for are a bit like the plot of the movie "Number One Player", "If one person answers the question first, others will start from this game. Exit". But no matter how fierce the competition is, or that only three companies will survive in the future, it does not mean that the current three are the three in the future. "Everyone and every new company will have new opportunities."

Source of Wu Baojun: Photo courtesy of the organizer of Wuzhen Night Talk

Traditional Autobots are "very panic", but "we need revolution"

Like Yin Tongyue, in the face of the advent of the new wave of the industry, traditional Autobots more or less feel a certain "sense of crisis." Therefore, the theme of the second round table becomes very suitable: traditional car companies want to build "new cars", what is the difficulty?

As a representative of the joint venture car companies participating in the conference, Li Feng , vice president of Hyundai Motor Group (China) and general manager of Dongfeng Yueda Kia , admitted frankly that he had "altitude sickness" after coming to Wuzhen. Under the tide of the Internet defining automobiles, "despite the traditional ( People feel very panicked, but this kind of panic has to be faced," Li Feng said, "We need a revolution."

Source of Li Feng: Photo courtesy of the organizer of Wuzhen Night Talk

In Li Feng's view, if traditional car companies want to innovate, their internal management must use a brand-new Internet business model. It doesn't matter if you ask executives or not. The important thing is to ask product managers to fully tap the user experience.

Yu Jingmin, deputy general manager of Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd. Passenger Vehicle Company, believes that intelligent Internet products will become the core and hard power of auto companies in the future. In addition, there will also be an Internet marketing service system. “The essence of online and offline integration is To C, not to C will lead to revolution".

Following the trend and willingly accepting the "Fattou Yu (Fish)" persona, Yu Jingmin summarized the three major labels of the new forces: "The first Internet, the second new model, and the third strong IP. Now it is all Internet marketing. Users first look at people, if the person is right, they will love things and the service will be accepted. "

Source of Yu Jingmin: Photo courtesy of the organizer of Wuzhen Night Talk

BAIC New Energy Deputy General Manager, in founding ARCFOX BU president, recalled the original moved into the feelings of work "Nokia House", "stepping on the foot of Nokia's 'corpse', who feel cold wind" . In order not to be eliminated, Yu Liguo said that Arcfox ARCFOX is actively learning Weilai's user operation style, "Li Bin did a very good job, I like it very much. I also ask myself to participate in a user event every weekend no matter how busy I am. "

Yu Liguo believes that there are good and bad traditional car companies, and the same is true for new powers. "The old and new powers are not important. What matters is what you do right and what value you bring to users."

"Tesla started from 0, but now it is sharp, what does this mean?" Zhang Li, executive vice president of the Institute of Automotive Intelligence Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and secretary general of the Automotive Intelligence Service Association, joined Tesla and Weilai, Comparing the cost data of Ideal and Xiaopeng together, we found that Tesla's performance in total circulation cost, management cost, and bicycle circulation cost is better than the other three new forces.

Zhang said that in the automobile circulation link, the "new car-making forces" have begun to operate directly. How traditional car companies can learn from experience and get out of their own unique models on the shoulders of the former is the focus of future changes.

What is the logic behind the new forces' market value soaring ?

In the past, Tesla became the world's most valuable auto company. Later, the stock price of the new car "Three Brothers" that landed on the US stock market continued to soar. The performance of new forces in the capital market surpassed most traditional auto companies.

This has also become one of the key discussion points of "Wuzhen Night Talk": What is the value benchmark of Internet cars? What is the logic behind the high market value of "new car-making forces"?

Fu Qiang, co-founder and president of AIWAYS, believes that facing customers is the biggest feature of the new power. “It turned out that the automotive industry produced industrial content on the basis of large-scale manufacturing, but now it has transformed into intelligent electronic products,” said Fu Qiang. New car manufacturers have not only applied digitalization to their products, but also used interaction with consumers. Therefore, the outside world's value judgment is different from that of traditional car companies.

Source of Fu Qiang: Photo courtesy of the organizer of Wuzhen Night Talk

Liu Xingliang, a well-known Internet scholar, said that users always like the new and dislike the old. "(Investment) is the same as people. It is much harder to transform the elderly than to train children (much more difficult), so (the capital market) has more hope for new forces." .

Liu Dongli, the founding partner of Zoyu Capital with more than 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, started from the user groups of new power car companies. "When Tesla went public, environmentalists and trendy people (mainly) bought it, representing a kind of Image. But (today's) new energy vehicles are not only environmentally friendly, but also gradually introduce the concept of intelligent connectivity. In fact, the most important thing is experience." The software functions that are now popular in new cars are almost invisible in traditional cars. .

In addition, Liu Dongli also mentioned that when cars become more intelligent, the profitability of car companies has also changed. Tesla's software and services can already be included in the comprehensive valuation consideration, and the gross profit of this part is very high.

Talking about the valuation of new powers, Yu Ning, the managing partner of Weilai Capital, said frankly that he was "situated here very nervous." In his view, the current soaring valuation of new car companies is closely related to the rise of Tesla, the industry leader. "The stock market reflects the value of the future, which shows that many investors are optimistic about its (new car) future."

Source of Yu Ning: Photo courtesy of the organizer of Wuzhen Night Talk

Yu Ning believes that in the long run, the stock prices of new powers can still rise, because the market does not put new car companies in the car companies for evaluation, but as a smart terminal to see their value. "From the perspective of the total market value, Apple currently It is US$2 trillion, and the new energy vehicle “leader” Tesla is US$400 billion. It is also conceivable that (Tesla) will go from US$400 billion to US$2 trillion. There is still room for growth in the medium and long term.”

How to improve the user experience of Internet cars ?

Improving user experience has almost become the consensus of industry changers. So the question is, how can Internet cars improve user experience?

Source: Photo courtesy of the organizer of Internet Car Wuzhen Night Talk

Shang Guobin, executive vice president of Baidu's intelligent driving business group, believes that smart cars and smart cockpit systems will be standard in the future. "If you don't have one, (the car) may not be sold." The entire system of intelligent driving will become a winning point in future competition. When 50%-70% of users are willing to pay for software of 20,000 to 30,000 yuan (RMB), the industry will usher in a turning point.

Shen Jian, CTO of Liandong Cloud Travel Group, said that the most pressing issue at the moment is innovation on the user side and product side. "Nowadays, many in-vehicle users sound very happy, but they don't use it much at all, let alone pay."

Zhang Chunlin, general manager of Digital Strategy, also mentioned that the current user experience of automobiles is far from being truly intelligent. "Whether it is a large screen or voice interaction, the experience is not good enough." In his view, the current smart car experience "is like Nokia is making a smart phone."

Zhou Jiang, chief marketing officer of Hezhong Auto, shared his views on why traditional cars are not good at providing services. "Many traditional car companies have not yet'stepped down from the altar', but are still holding them. How many traditional car company CEOs have put down their figures and really be friends with customers? Very few." In his opinion, car companies should do to C. You have to change your thinking. It is simple to shout slogans , but you must implement them in your actions.

In Zhou Jiang’s eyes, the future user experience is very simple. The mobile experience of the car should be as "smooth" as the experience of the mobile phone. "When will the state of mobile phones be reached, the spring of Internet cars will really come. It is a real realization of the transformation from traditional mobile tools to Internet cars."

Wuzhen Night Scene Photo by Future Car Daily


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