How to treat the upsurge of smart electric vehicles?

 Many crazes are ultimately left to the market, which can be said to be a feather. Will the smart electric car craze be the same here?

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As the most imaginative consumer technology product after smart phones, smart electric cars are becoming a pig that takes the lead.

As we can see, in just one quarter, Baidu , Xiaomi, Huawei , DJI, Stone Technology , Skyworth, Didi and other manufacturers have entered the smart car market in various identities, and it is foreseeable that in the future or More vendors are joining.

Here, if you add the traditional automakers that are transforming and the new automakers, it can almost be said that the crowdedness of the electric smart car market is unprecedented.

How to treat the car manufacturing fever?

Here, the question ensues: whether the current boom in the market is a false boom, and whether it is a recurrence of the past Internet booms.

Indeed, in the past few years, we have experienced too much of this kind of craze—smartphone fever, O2O fever, shared bicycle fever, AI fever, core-making fever, etc., and so on.

And many of these crazes are ultimately left to the market, which can be described as a place, such as the bike-sharing craze, is a typical representative.

It is for this reason that many people are beginning to worry about whether the current smart electric vehicle boom will repeat the same mistakes.

In my opinion, we may have some doubts about the current boom of smart electric vehicles that some of us have been bitten by snakes for ten years and are afraid of well ropes.

Why do you say that?

What needs to be noticed is that, in fact, the current wave of craze in the smart electric vehicle market is far less crazy than the craze for smart phones or shared bicycles.

From a scale point of view: Although players in the industry have entered the game intensively in just one quarter, the overall scale can actually be counted with one hand, which is still a small scale.

But what was the situation of the smartphone boom and the bike sharing boom? During the smartphone boom, there were hundreds of smart phone brands accumulated in the market, and the barriers to entry were almost "everyone." As for the case of many celebrities making mobile phones at that time; when the bike-sharing boom broke out, the industry used to ridicule the sentence: "The colors are almost not enough for shared bikes."

From a capability point of view: the player capabilities of the current smart electric vehicle market are far from the star players or bike-sharing players who entered the smart phone market that year. The current players can be said to be more hardcore. exist.

Baidu has deep accumulation in the field of Internet of Vehicles and autonomous driving. Xiaomi has strong user demand perception and satisfaction capabilities and rich cash reserves; Didi's dominant position in the online car-hailing market can be used to achieve the data required for autonomous driving. Huawei It has a leading position in 5G and cloud computing, and has research and development in the fields of lidar and drive motors; DJI occupies a leading position in the consumer drone market. It is mounted on the latest P5 released by Xiaopeng.

And it’s also important to note that not all of the players who are entering the smart electric car market now want to build cars-in breakdown: Baidu, Xiaomi, and Didi are vehicle manufacturers, while Huawei, DJI, Stone Technology and others are playing the Tier1 identity, hoping to become a core supplier in the smart car market.

So on the whole, it can be said that these players now have a deep accumulation in the field of smart cars. They have their own capabilities and characteristics and self-consistent logic. They are not indiscriminately replenishing their numbers. It can be said that their entry into the market is natural. The pursuit of capacity expansion and technology spillover.

Although it is not too hot, it should still be taken seriously

In reality, the current smart electric vehicle market is at an early stage. This reality, for the majority of players, means that there are still potential market opportunities. This is why players choose to enter this window of opportunity. The current phased successes of NIO, Xiaopeng and Ideal Auto also provide realistic driving forces.

But even so, I personally think that players entering the smart electric car market should still be serious, after all, building a car should be a serious matter.

This serious personal opinion is reflected in two aspects:

One is the need to be serious about making cars.

In reality, the difficulty of building a car is several levels higher than that of building a mobile phone, both in terms of R&D and capital investment. For mobile phones, there are ODM manufacturers in the market and there are turnkey solutions. , But the industrial chain involved in the automotive market is more complex and has more stringent testing and safety requirements. Safety is the number one priority for automobiles. This reality requires manufacturers to take every part and every product they make seriously.

The second is to be serious about user expectations.

Frankly speaking, the transformation of automobiles from internal combustion engines to electric drives provides a rare opportunity for our automobile industry to develop and catch up with traditional power. Faced with this rare opportunity in a century, what users expect is that our players can truly produce highly competitive products, and can take this opportunity to effectively enhance the underlying technology foundation of the automotive industry and achieve product branding. Rather than being overwhelmingly publicized, the actual product performance is not as good as expected, and it will eventually become a means for capital to collect money, thus wasting the opportunity and leaving the market a feather.

Written at the end:

Players swarming into the game can be said to be the vane of market enthusiasm. Here, it is not difficult to find that the market for smart electric vehicles has arrived. For these players who are chasing the market, what we expect is that they can not only come in the wind. When you fly, you can continue to fly after the wind stops.


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