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"Tage Zhixing" received 200 million RMB in Series B financing and plans to be listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board in the next 1-2 years Wang Yijin

  Research and develop full-stack unmanned transportation solutions in mining areas. It was learned that  Tage Zhixing  announced that it had received 200 million yuan in Series B financing, which was jointly led by Qianhai Fund of Funds and Baotong Investment, with Qingyan Capital and Lanyan Capital as follow-up investors. Yu Guizhen, the founder and chief scientist of Tage Zhixing, said that this round of financing is mainly used for product mass production and function upgrades, optimizing the supply chain and service system, strengthening engineering delivery capabilities, and ensuring the high-quality delivery of orders on hand and the rapid start of reserve projects. Tage Chi Heng was established in September 2016, mainly R & D mine full stack unmanned transport solutions, has completed three rounds of financing in 2019: A round co-lead investor for the Jinsha River, a strategic resource Fang  Central  conjunction with the cast; A + 1 The round was led by Pufeng Capital and H

Kill the security guard, where is Robotaxi's next stop?

  Back to the origin of Robotaxi's commercial use, how do competing OEMs and travel platforms form a closed-loop industry? As an "incremental" position in the process of autonomous driving, how long will the safety officer exist? The answer to this question may soon be revealed. Waymo announced on October 8 this year that it will open a fully driverless car-hailing service to the public in the suburbs of Phoenix in the United States. Immediately afterwards, Cruise was approved to test fully autonomous vehicles on public roads in California, and announced on October 16 that it plans to send fully autonomous test vehicles without safety officers on the roads before the end of this year. In China, Wenyuan Zhixing and  Baidu  's unmanned Robotaxi also hit the road. Killing the safety officer seems to be a reality overnight, but when the "True Autopilot" without the main driver really comes to us, where should Robotaxi's next stop go? Remove the safety office

BMW and Ali reached a cooperation, becoming the first car company to access Ali's commercial operating system

  The two parties will jointly launch the first dealer online sales and service business for high-end car brands. BMW and Ali reach cooperation Recently, BMW and  Alibaba  signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation, becoming the first auto company to access  Alibaba  's commercial operating system. According to the memorandum of cooperation, the two parties will jointly launch the first dealership online sales and service business for high-end auto brands, and open up online and offline user experience.  The online user traffic generated by the two parties in the cooperation will be diverted to distributors and create more business opportunities for them.  With the help of Alibaba's global membership system, BMW and MINI brands under BMW will carry out marketing activities and brand membership services on Alibaba's multiple online platforms to increase user stickiness and activity and drive business growth.  According to the BMW announcement, in the future, with the suppo

Apple and Google in the shadow of antitrust: "love and kill each other" or "separate things"?

  "If our two companies merge directly, we can call it'AppleGoo'." Schmidt, who was also a member of Apple's board of directors at the time, joked, with the help of Google search on the iPhone, "We do not need to merge and it is better to merge. ." According to reports, in 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Sundar Pichai were photographed having dinner at a high-end Vietnamese restaurant called Tamarine.  The media immediately speculated about the relationship between the two Silicon Valley giants, just like inquiring into celebrity scandals. When the two were drinking red wine at a table by the window of the restaurant in Palo Alto, their company was in intense negotiations to renew the most profitable business deal in history: it was with this paper agreement that, Google was able to become the default search engine for Apple’s iPhone and other devices.  The updated transaction is of great value to both companies, while also consolidating their do