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Tesla hires 1,000 people within two months; Weilai expects vehicle deliveries in the fourth quarter to be between 16,500 and 17,000; Twitter pushes the “story” function globally

  In order to improve sales and delivery, Tesla recruits 1,000 people in two months According to reports, earlier this year, Tesla's production increased, and they increased vehicle sales and delivery in multiple markets. Currently, the company has to recruit more employees in order to support its sales.  According to sources, Tesla is currently recruiting on a large scale. In two months, they have recruited about 1,000 sales and delivery employees in North America.  (Sina Technology) Twitter pushes "story" function globally, challenging Instagram and Snapchat According to reports, Twitter recently launched a global "story" function "Fleets", which challenged Snapchat and Instagram.  Fleets allows users to post photos and videos to encourage more sharing.  Unlike ordinary Twitter messages, Fleets messages cannot receive likes, replies, and reposts, and will automatically disappear 24 hours after being posted.  (Sina Technology) NIO: The vehicle deliver

NIO has reached the European gold track, but can't escape the dissatisfaction?

  The three major issues of localization, brand power, and epidemic need to be solved, and NIO’s going overseas is not optimistic NIO, whose stock price has repeatedly hit record highs, has once again become the focus of the capital market because of its "going to sea". On November 2, 2020, according to multiple media reports, NIO is preparing to build an overseas business unit. The internal code is tentatively designated as the "Marco Polo Project". Its models will be sold in Europe and the first stop may land in  Copenhagen, Denmark  . This rumor has yet to be verified, but its willingness to go to sea has long been made public. Li Bin, the founder of NIO, said in August 2020 that the first stop of going overseas will be the European market: "We hope to enter some countries that welcome electric vehicles in the second half of 2021." Public data shows that Weilai delivered 5,055 vehicles in October 2020, an increase of 100.1% year-on-year. Why did Weilai

Demystifying the evolution of car costs: software licensing fees have triggered controversy among car companies, and Tesla's gameplay is unstoppable

  From the perspective of vehicle BOM, software is playing an increasingly important role in automobiles. Software is changing the way cars are played. Whether it is from the vehicle BOM (Bill of Material) or from the price, software is reshaping the value chain of automobiles. Take a smart car with a cost of 200,000 yuan as an example: The software cost included in the BOM has exceeded 1,000 yuan.  And as the intelligent level of cars continues to rise, the proportion of software continues to increase. Since November, Tesla's FSD software package has risen to $10,000. On the Model 3 with a retail price of less than US$40,000 (the cheapest standard battery life upgrade version is US$31,690), the price of "buy a package" has already accounted for a quarter of the car price. The confusion of OEMs,  how to treat software costs? It happened at a fixed-point meeting. I stated the final negotiated price of a domain controller, and the split explained the various costs.  Unexpec