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Tesla sells tequila across the border: the price is 1,658 yuan higher than Moutai, and the empty bottle sells for nearly 10,000 yuan

  "You think Tesla is a car brand, no, it is the largest department store in the world." Following the production of flamethrower and short shorts, Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk continued to take the lead. On November 6, Tesla launched the same brand of Tequila (Tesla Tequila) on its official website.  The wine was described by Tesla as an "exclusive, small-batch production of high-end wine, 100% brewed with agave grass", and it is packed in a lightning-shaped glass bottle.  A bottle of wine has a capacity of 750 ml and an alcohol content of 40%. The price is US$250, or about RMB 1,658, which is higher than a bottle of Feitian Moutai (the official guide price is RMB 1,499). Source: Tesla official website This tequila will be delivered at the end of 2020 and is currently only available for purchase in some parts of the United States, and must be 21 years old to purchase.  However, on the day of its launch, this wine was sold out, and Tesla's official website ma

Buffett another classic deal: BYD 20 times in 12 years

  It has never reduced its holdings in twelve years. This is another fruitful result of the "Stock God" long-term value investment. The legend of Warren Buffett continues. His only long-term holding and heavy holding of Chinese stocks has doubled 20 times in 12 years! In September 2008, Buffett purchased 225 million shares of BYD at a price of HK$8 per share. The total transaction amount was HK$1.8 billion, accounting for 9.89% of the enlarged share capital. In this round of cars and new energy vehicles, BYD went crazy.  As of the close of today’s noon, BYD’s A shares and H shares have risen by 17.46% and 18.84%, respectively. The share prices have broken through historical highs, reaching 162.88 yuan and 161.5 Hong Kong dollars. This is more than Buffett’s purchase price of 8 Hong Kong dollars in 2008. 20 times! Stock price increase Another success of the long-term value investment concept BYD is another fruitful result of Buffett's long-term adherence to value investmen

Valuation hurricane, ant's technological anchor

  What makes Buffett's chattering regretful the most is missing Amazon and Google.  As early as twenty years ago, he knew and admired Bezos, but he did not expect Bezos to turn the bookstore into Amazon. Bezos wanted to understand one thing, and Buffett didn't understand it until late.  That is: Amazon's value lies in providing infrastructure services similar to hydropower. There is nothing new in investment, and the greater the understanding, the greater the probability of wealth creation. There are a thousand ants in a thousand people's hearts. In the eyes of some people, Ant is an unlicensed bank, which represents the end of an era.  In the eyes of another group of people, ants are the infrastructure of the digital finance era of one billion people, and the starting point of an era. 2.1 trillion valuation, is this the end of ants or the starting point? The misunderstood trillion tech giant Unlike Buffett, more people distinguish between unclear technology and traditi