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New energy vehicle stalls? Xiaopeng Motors suffered a huge shock during the intraday session and fell more than 12% at one time

  Announced cooperation with Douyin, Yunji soared 90%, and then rose 50% after the market; Alibaba US stocks rose nearly 4%, nearly 10% in the past 4 days; became the number one short target, Lufax plunged 7%, from The high point retreated nearly 30%. The Dow rose more than 400 points, and both S&P and S&P reached new highs. Energy and financial stocks led the gains. The S&P energy sector rose more than 5%; the Nasdaq approached a record high.  Most popular Chinese concept stocks closed up, with 23 rising and 18 falling. The specific performance is as follows: In terms of large Chinese concept stocks, NIO fell 3.38%, Xiaopeng Motors fell 2.13%,  Ideal Auto  rose 0.73%,  Alibaba  rose 3.65%, Pinduoduo rose 2.05%, JD rose 2.58%,  Baidu  rose 0.99%, and NetEase rose 2.88 %. In terms of other Chinese concept stocks, Blue City Brothers rose 23%, Qutoutiao rose 14%,  GSX  rose 1.85%,  Vipshop  rose 4.03%, and  NetEase Youdao  rose 4.30%. Focus review Xiaopeng Motors suffered a hu

The new power of car-making, it is not only the stock price that has skyrocketed

  "Last year there were always people who worried that we would go bankrupt, but this year we are gone." Recently, new energy vehicles have been highly sought after in the capital market, and the performance of concept stocks among several new car-making forces has been particularly outstanding.  Among them, Xiaopeng soared nearly 80% a week, and the market value of Weilai broke through the $50 billion mark and is still rising, catching up with the market value of traditional automobile groups such as BMW and GM. How about the offline sales of the new car-building forces in the capital market?  A reporter from Sino-Singapore Jingwei visited some stores and learned that sales reflect the recent increase in deliveries, and more people are booking test drives than before.  There are also sales reports that customers who came to see the car last year often worried that they would fail to order a car, but this year there is no such phenomenon. It is worth noting that on the other

Relying on a set of PPT listed valuation of 12 billion: the self-cultivation of new energy leeks

  From the "next Tesla" to the "next Theranos". Around 2015, the "new force in car-making" exploded. Crunchbase data shows that in 2015 alone, nearly 300 new energy vehicle-related companies were established, and in the following years, more than 100 new companies entered the market every year.  During the period, there were constant doubts about some companies' fraudulent subsidies, data fraud, substandard technology, and Ponzi schemes.  The five-year market test can be said to have played a major role in scouring the sand.  With Tesla leading the world and mass production and delivery of brands such as Ideal and Xiaopeng, public opinion gradually improved its attitude towards them. While various companies are trying to get rid of the "PPT car manufacturing" hat, there is such a new energy automobile company, with a set of "good PPT", not only won 2.5 billion US dollars in venture capital, but also successfully IPO. This god-like c